(Grouped) Parisian Tall collarless shirt dress in floral print


This is grouped product. Grouped products take things another step further. You would use a grouped product when you wanted to sell distinct (but very similar) products that can be viewed together on one main product page.

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    Setting up grouped products takes a little more work, as instead of setting up one product with multiple variations, you set up a number of individual products as well as an overall grouped product.

    Use grouped products when you want each version of a product to be available as a separate product listing. So, for example, if you run a bookstore and you sell different editions of books, you might want to create a separate product for each edition with a description for that edition, and then group all of them to make it easier for customers to find all of the editions of an individual book. It also makes it possible for customers to leave reviews of individual products within the group.

    You can then specify whether WooCommerce shows the individual products or just the grouped products in your archive pages. Selecting the second option will make navigation easier, but the first gives people more choice—it’s up to you!

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